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Managed Services means that your LAN Systems, Database Management Systems, and your Enterprise Content Management environment health is continuously being monitored. Managed Services monitor the health of your infrastructure and its growth by providing the following:

  • Scheduled site/device reporting - a birdís eye view into the real performance of your IT infrastructure.
  • A perspective into what equipment and software has been installed and

where current or new system resources can be best allocated.

  • The ability to forecast failures before they occur, such as a critical server running out of hard drive space.

Our proactive approach to managing computer networks will free-up capital that you can spend on GROWING your business, not fixing it. We also focus not only on keeping your infrastructure at peak performance, but we also offer learning consulting services to help develop and train your key personnel.

As advantage of utilizing Vital IT Solutions managed services, our clients can leverage our resource to minimize system management, technical operations staff, and production support staff responsibilities from our customerís IT staff. In addition, Vital IT Solutions provides end-user support services which allows Vital IT Solutions comprehensive managed services offering provides organizations with year-round 24-hour remote monitoring, patch management, critical updates, current software platforms, software distribution, and backups for the following: 

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